Change your emotions, change your life. Tap into better health, joy & abundance

New Studies and Discoveries Are Showing That Most Disease Is Caused By Old Childhood Traumas, Hurts, Disappointments, Regrets and Many More Negative Emotions Stored In Our Cells.

The negative turmoil left in the body is being shown to cause blocks in the body's energy system. People hang on to these old issues for dear life, even though they can cause blocks in the body that have been shown to cause disease. It also causes blocks to other things in our life such as positive goals and performance.
Releasing these old trapped negative emotions has been shown to allow a new Life Transformation, creating love, joy, wealth and abundant opportunity.

My Name Is Christine M. Shreve

I am an AMMET Certified EFT Specialist & Coach. I have also written and published a book. I specialize in teaching those looking to transform their lives from the old negative emotions mentioned above to working towards creating a new life of joy, purpose, clarity, prosperity, and abundance. Elevating from what was, to what could be!

In the book I have written, "I Saw Heaven In My Dogs Eyes", (now published and available on in Paper-Back or Ebook versions) I tell my own story of how I used EFT, to transform my own life. How I relieved the pain and guilt I suffered when I had to put my nineteen-year-old dog down. Also the miracle of elevated consciousness and awareness I received and share.

I have also studied Magnetism or Law of Attraction principles, for the past 12 years. I teach several elements to help people transform their lives. When we change our lives to a positive position of joy, all things can change. You can learn how to create and maintain the feeling of love and joy, which is the key to everything.

Through my experience working with Clients, I am finding that people are searching and wanting to know more about Spirituality. There are many elements which contribute to Clarity, which most are unaware of, that leads to a purpose in one's life. Everyone gets to choose the life they want to live. I have found, that most people haven't any idea there is another way to live, other than what they were taught for generations. Many are running on subconscious programming we received growing up, involving someone else's paradigm.

I have learned we did not come here to suffer, we came to live a joyful successful life. Some are accepting of their lives the way they are because they are ingrained in their belief system of what they were always taught, "this is the way it is." They can't see beyond that and are satisfied with what is and look no further.

I work only with those who are open to learning a new way, who want to feel good and transform their lives. The Laws of the Universe state feeling as good as you can brings only good to you. Changing old patterns in your life will change what happens going forward in your life. If you are happy with your life as it is, keep doing what you are doing, if you are depressed, or unhappy because nothing seems to go right for you, it won't change until you do.

Choosing to change the way things take courage and commitment, it doesn't take long though, to get into the swing of the way it works. Life is Grand when you know how to create it.

I invite you to contact me to begin learning about transforming your life today. If you are committed and want to change from what has always been, to create a new life of joy, please contact me today, using the contact button on this Web site. I work by telephone or skype.

I offer A Free Consultation without pressure, to see if working together is a match. Contact me today.

EFT Has Been Shown To:

Clear blockages; that can be the cause of fear, grief, anxiety, anxiousness, anger, and many other negative emotions that keep us from moving forward.

Tapping can release painful emotions and allow for a "neutralizing effect" in the body's energy system. The "charge" is taken off the negative emotion, causing the pain. Life force can open, and flow freely.

EFT is a finger tapping technique on the upper body's acupuncture points or meridians while focusing on current negative feelings.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D.'s book; Biology of Belief, his research has shown, that 98% of disease is caused by stress and only 2% is caused by genetics!

This is monumental information!

We have been lead to believe, that our genes have been the cause of most disease. In Dr. Lipton's book, he describes experiments he has performed with the cells and proves, most disease is stress related.

Another book that talks about the same is; The Genie in your Genes, by Dawson Church PH.D., He talks about Epigenetics, a new Science that shows how our genes are programmed by ourselves, by our own beliefs, feelings, and emotions. It is being shown that it is vital that we feel as good as we can, the better we feel, the healthier we will be!
It appears that we are all in control of our own health destiny, by the way, we feel and the emotions we entertain.

"Every time I teach Meridian or EFT Tapping, I am amazed at how fast it brings relief, it is my deepest Love to see people of all ages learn this technique and learn how to control how they feel.

Learning how to use the Laws of the Universe with Energy Techniques, can bring amazing results!"